LoLNexus Redesign


     The LoLNexus Redesign project was done as a collaborative project between individuals at Curse Inc. and myself. Design Manager Adam Whipple and a group of other Curse employees worked with me to create a new structure and aesthetic for their website property LoLNexus. They generously gave me access to their user research data and previously designed roughs of potential content and ideas to incorporate with LoLNexus.  Above is a potential new home page for the live game search website dedicated to League of Legends content, a game developed by Riot Games.

     The project required me to incorporate Curse's advertisement structure, as well as create an accessible navigation for veteran and new users. I decided to develop a website that followed suite with Curse's other website properties and architecture, with the intent of creating more brand consistency. We worked together on new ideas for the website, and crafted a "Top 5" content section that shows the current best performing champions in League of Legends. I also consolidated all News to one area, as opposed to the current page scrolling system, and reincorporated their previously utilized stream tracker as a widget on the home page. The home page introduces a simpler search bar, multiple header buttons for navigation, and adheres to the advertisement system and footer requirements of current Curse website properties.

      The image above is my redesign of the Live Games page for LoLNexus. This page was altered by simplifying the filter widget and shortening the overall page length. The filter widget had ample research done showing where users clicked and how often, giving me the information needed to alter it in a way that ideally would give greater impact to users.

      The new content for the website received it own page, as well as a widget on the home page. The home page displays the current three best performing champions in a given role for League of Legends, where the "Top 5" page displays all five. The page and widgets show the champions portrait, name, win percentage, most commonly built items, most commonly first maxed skill, runes, and masteries. The single best performing champions in each role are given an additional widget space, where professional player builds can be viewed and browsed using a slideshow style format. The professional builds can be expanded for more information, or collapsed and shown the simpler structure.

     The Pro Builds page is used to show professional player builds as well as current live games of League of Legends that a given champion are being played. Using the header search bar, players can search for account names, or champions in League of Legends, if a champion is searched, they are directed to this page for the specified champion.

     The News page is a standard scrolling news bulletin.

     My objective was to create a more accessible structure for new users, as well as including additional content that competing website properties are not currently utilizing.

     An interactive Adobe Acrobat PDF of the website can be viewed here.

     A detailed presentation format for this project can be viewed here.