All Fathomed Out

Photoshop · Illustrator · Physical Materials · 3D Printing

     All Fathomed Out is a board game designed and illustrated by a team of four: Daniel Malthaler, Kathryn Roberts, Varun Reddy, and myself. The game is focused on the 19th century scientific discoveries throughout the ocean. The players engage in a tile-based exploration game, where players gain creatures and cards that aid them to goal of gaining the most notoriety among scientists. The board was designed with modularity in mind, so the art could develop the ocean floor as players explore the tiles throughout the game. Three depths contain the differing ocean life, and a fourth set of cards allows players to enact Shenanigans against their rival scientists. All Fathomed Out takes between 30-45 minutes to play, and is suitable for all ages.

    All Fathomed Out won the Entelechy 2015 Board Game of the Year award.

     All Fathomed Out successfully launched on Kickstarter, and is scheduled to ship March 2016. The campaign obtained 329% of it's funding goal, which pushed the project to multiple stretch goals.